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ABC-COLONIA is a Cologne-based PR-Office, specilised on technological issues. After more than 25 years on the market, I have established a close relathionship with the special interest press for the benefit of my clients. An uncountable amount of news paper anf magazine clipping an the satisfaction of my clients are the most evident proofs for that. The majority of the business relationship with my clients are long-term.

Another strenght is the smalines of my office. This guarantees the effectivenes of my work because everybody feels responsible fpr everything. It is important for me that I can take my time for the service of my clients. Also, the small size of my press-office makes sure that my prices are reasinable because I don't have to maintain a huge apparatus.

ABC-COLONIA Redaktion Krolkiewicz is one of the few German PR/Pr-offices specialised on technological issues. This means, you are dealing with experts for this segment of the market. My offer please look at "Öffentlichkeitsarbeit".